5 Trails on Mount Lawu to Climb

5 Trails on Mount Lawu to Climb – Mount Lawu is a mountain that is always crowded with climbers, because this mountain has a stunning natural panorama. Starting from a sea of ​​clouds, savanna, to craters.

To climb Mount Lawu, you can climb it through the existing and official climbing routes. Below are 5 hiking trails on Mount Lawu that you should know before climbing it later.

1. Cemoro Sewu

Cemoro Sewu is the easiest route to climb on Mount Lawu even though the route is quite long. The base camp for climbing Cemoro Sewu is in Magetan Regency, East Java. The Cemoro Sewu route is adjacent to the Cemoro Kandang route, which enters the Central Java region.

2. Cemoro Cage

The Cemoro Kandang route is adjacent to Cemoro Sewu and the route is quite short, but steep. The Cemoro Kandang route is the only route that can be traversed to meet the Candradimuka Crater.

3. Cetho Temple

As the name implies, the starting point for climbing the trail which is to the west of the slopes of Mount Lawu is at Cetho Temple. Apart from Cetho, you will also meet other temples on this route.

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4. Ponds

Located in Karanganyar Regency, this Tambak hiking trail has a very lush forest. Even though the path is lush, the climbing facility at the base camp is quite complete and comfortable. The directions to the top are quite clear.

5. Singolangu

Located on the eastern slopes of Mount Lawu, Magelang Regency, the Singolangu route is believed to be the recitation of King Brawijaya V while avoiding the attack of the Raden Fatah kingdom. In addition, there are also many edelweiss flowers on this path.