Hidden Gems in North Bali

Hidden Gems in North Bali – Bali has a charm that is very attractive to anyone who visits. In Bali there are many places that are called heaven on earth. If you intend to fly to the Island of the Gods after the pandemic, then these hidden gems in North Bali are guaranteed to be worth a stroll. Of course, still obey the health protocol when you want to travel to this destination, yes.

1. Rock Hill Chair

Starting from Pemuteran Village in Buleleng district, about 125 kilometers from Denpasar. There is a hill called Batu Kursi which is the location of a sacred temple with the same name, namely Pura Batu Kursi. Besides being used for worship, the path to Batu Kursi Temple is also opened for tourists because of the ocean view that lies at its peak.

From the vehicle parking lot, you need to climb hundreds of stairs first before arriving at the top of Batu Kursi hill. A few meters before arriving at the peak, you will find an intersection, namely a straight path to the temple and a right turn to the top of the hill.

Even though you have to do quite a long trekking, the view approaching the peak is sure to be effective in driving away fatigue. The Bali Sea on the north side looks beautiful in the distance. Make sure you come as early as possible so you can enjoy the warmth of the sun. Don’t forget to bring mineral water because the trip up and down the hill will be very draining.

2. Tamblingan Lake

The next destination is Lake Tamblingan which is located in Buleleng Regency with a distance of approximately 40 minutes from the Bedugul area. In contrast to Lake Beratan, which is more developed as a modern tourist attraction, Lake Tamblingan is still faithful to maintain the authenticity and beauty of the lake.

Here, you will not find a speed boat, but only a rowboat if you want to get around the lake. In addition, the boats parked on the shores of the lake and several temples that are still actively used for worship are beautiful spots for photography.

It is better to come to Lake Tamblingan in the morning, when there is still a thin fog covering the surface of the lake. If you want to find a location waiting for dusk, then coming in the afternoon is also highly recommended.

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3. Banyumala Waterfall

After the hill and lake tour, it’s your turn to stop at the waterfall tour, let’s go. Still in Buleleng, this district apparently hides a lot of beautiful waterfalls, you know. Call it Banyumala waterfall which is about 10 kilometers from Lake Tamblingan.

As a hidden gem, it takes a little struggle to get to the waterfall which has a shallow pool. Walking through the forest is a sensation of adventure that will be forgotten. For fans of waterfall tourism, Banyumala absolutely has to be on the bucket list. Make sure you bring a change of clothes so you can be satisfied swimming.

4. Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall

Another hidden waterfall that is a favorite in North Bali is Banyu Wana Amertha. Its existence is no less sneaky than Banyumala because it is in one corner of the forest which is still very beautiful. Its beauty can be seen from the monkeys that will occasionally be seen on the trekking route to the waterfall.

The pool under Banyu Wana Amertha is also fairly shallow. Very suitable for those of you who are not very good at swimming, but really want to play wet. To enter this tourist area, you need to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 20,000 per person.