5 Writing Mistakes to Avoid

5 Writing Mistakes to Avoid – In writing articles, writing errors are normal. Especially if you are a novice writer. Whether from punctuation, typos, or conjunction errors. However, if small mistakes are made repeatedly, it can backfire for the writer. Especially for those who work as writers or bloggers. A good name that has been built with difficulty, if only one word is typo can cause controversy. In addition, mistakes in writing also affect the search engine position on Google. Some cases exist that your blog can be lost from search engines. As a result this will have a negative impact on the blog traffic itself.

Ah, so that you can create a perfect essay, here are some things you should pay attention to in order to avoid mistakes in writing.

1. Waiting for the mood or inspiration

It is true that mood and inspiration are important in a writing process. But that doesn’t mean everything. A person’s mood is always changing and the source of inspiration also can’t come every day. So, if you wait for the mood or inspiration to come, you might never start to write. Basically, discipline is far more effective at keeping you productive in your writing.

2. Ignoring the writing framework

For those who have often written, writing activities are indeed fun. Word by word glides as it is like water. Just keep in mind, don’t forget the outline or outline. Writing outlines or outlining are very important, whether writing fiction or non-fiction. Outlines make it easy to stay on the track even in a long writing process. Outlines can be a brake for you when your writing feels off topic. In fact, outlines will allow you to write faster, more effectively and more productively.

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3. Forgetting to focus

Writing is an activity that requires focus and concentration. Without a focused focus, thousands of ideas in your mind become useless, it may even be that none of your ideas will become a writing. One of the mistakes of writers is a lack of focus and too many ideas to write about. Choose one idea and complete it completely with focus.

4. Don’t read similar genres

Read similar works in the same genre as the one you are writing. This allows you to have comparisons, as well as to avoid plagiarism. Reading other people’s works of similar genres can also be a way for you to find the advantages of the stories you make. You can produce a special writing work, different from the others, it can even feel perfect.

5. Never read books or take writing classes

Writing and reading are two interrelated activities. Make sure you love books and read them often to improve the quality and productivity of your writing.Not a few great writers were born from the self-taught process, but there is nothing wrong if you take writing classes to increase knowledge about your weaknesses and strengths.
By following the directions given by experienced writers, you will have good and correct writing skills.After knowing the various errors in writing, it is hoped that your writing process will run smoothly. Happy writing!