5 Facts the Only Point of Interest of Guizhou

5 Facts the Only Point of Interest of Guizhou –¬†Guizhou is one of the less popular provinces in China. However, this area has an amazing attraction for tourists, especially its natural beauty. Most of the area is still natural and inhabited by ethnic minorities who still maintain their culture.

This province, which has a capital city in Guiyang, is known for its green mountains and unique karst or limestone areas. You can see caves, waterfalls of various sizes, to temples at the top of a limestone mountain with a height of thousands of meters above sea level.

1. The only province in China that has no plains

As previously explained, the Guizhou region is green mountains and is a karts area. Yes, the average elevation is around 1,100 meters and about 97 percent of the area is mountains and hills. This makes Guizhou the only province in China without land.

Initially, the topographical conditions in the form of mountains and hills made Guizhou quite difficult to reach. However, now it is equipped with an international airport, railroad lines and other transportation networks. You don’t need to worry anymore about traveling there.

2. Amazing travel destination for tourists

The unique topography makes Guizhou a must-visit tourist destination. Although not as popular as Guangxi or Sichuan, it has a stunning natural panorama. You can see Huangguoshu Falls in Anshun to Fanjingshan Temple at the top of a limestone mountain.

Apart from its natural beauty, you can also enjoy the diversity of ethnic minority cultures that you don’t find in other regions. Guizhou is also the right destination for those of you who like culinary tours. Many authentic local dishes that you can enjoy.

3. Cultural center for ethnic minority groups

If you like learning culture, Guizhou is a must on your bucket list. About 49 ethnic minorities live and scattered all over Guizhou. Tourists can visit some of the villages they inhabit, such as Miao and Dong Villages.

Tourists also have the opportunity to learn about local customs and folk arts. Some of them make local handicrafts, such as batik, paper and silver making. In fact, Guizhou is also known as the Festival House, hundreds of festivals are celebrated in the minority village of Guizhou every year.

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4. Spring and autumn are the ideal visiting times

Guizhou which is in the form of mountains and hills certainly has relatively cool temperatures. Although the microclimate varies considerably, it is generally cool and humid. The temperature difference during winter and summer is not too far away, so it is quite comfortable for travelers.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Gizhou. Spring there is like the rainy season in general in Indonesia. Autumn is not too hot and the air is still humid.

The warmest month is usually in July, the temperature is around 22-25 degrees Celsius. However, you need to pay attention to an unstable climate and the possibility of bad weather, such as drought.

5. Culinary tastes spicy and sour is his trademark

It has amazing natural scenery, diverse cultures, there are also culinary delights that are a pity to miss. For those of you who like culinary tours, there are many special dishes that you can enjoy. Generally spicy flavor from chilies and sour from pickled vegetables.

Culinary tastes spicy and sour indeed suitable for a cool and humid climate. You can enjoy vegetarian spring rolls which contain slices of various types of vegetables. In addition, there are also delicious processed beef, lamb, and pork.